All of our tequilas at Malo are made from 100% blue agave.
House Favorites are listed here because they kick ass.
Silver/Plata/BlancoSilver, Plata or Blanco tequilas have been bottled from the still and are not aged.
Most stills are stainless steel, but a few of the finer tequilas use copper.

Siete Leguas        9
Oro Azul                  8
Quatro Copas    11
Partida                 10

1800                            7
1921                           10
30-30                          7
Aha Toro                    9
Arette                          6
Arroyo Negro         10
AsomBroso             10
Casa Noble              11
Cazadores                 7
Cesar Monterrey    9
Chinaco                     10
Corazon                     10
Corralejo                    8
Corzo                           10
D’Los Altos                  6
Don Abraham            8
Don Alejo                    10
Don Eduardo             10
Don Fulano                 13
Don Julio                      10
Dona Carlota             12
El Charro                        7
El Jimador                      6
El Llano                            9
El Reformador            10
El Tessoro                     11
Gran Centenario        11
Herencia Mexicana   11
Herradura                       8
La Paranita                    11
Milagro                             8
Patron                              10
Penca Azul                      19
Pura Sangre                    7
Pueblo Viejo                    6
Quinta Penas                  8
Sausa Tres Generaciones    9
Tequila de Don Jesus               9
Tesoro Azteca ‘2000’              12
Tonala                                             11

Reposado are tequilas which have rested or aged for up to one year.
Many of our finer, smaller production tequilas are aged in white oak casks.

Siete Leguas    9
Quatro Copas    15
Herrencia Mexicana    13
Penca Azul    21
Orendain    7
Clase Azul    16

1800    8
1921     11
30-30    7
Aha Toro    11
Arette    7
Arette ‘suave’    21
Arroyo Negro     12
Carmessi    11
Casa Noble    13
Casa Vieja     8
Cazadores    8
Centinela    9
Cesar Monterrey    7
Chamucos    6
Chinaco    11
Corazon    12
Corralejo    9
Corralejo ‘triple distilled’    10
Corzo    12
D’Los Altos    6
Don Alejo    9
Don Agustin    7
Don Camilo    11
Don Carlota ‘agave heart’    13
Don Eduardo    11
Don Fulano    13
Don Julio    11
Dona Carlota    12
El Jimador    6
El Llano     10
El Reformador    12
El Tesoro    12
Gran Centenario    12
Herradura    10
Hijos de Villa ‘handgun’    12
Iscasta passion    10
Jose Cuervo Traditional     8
La Cofradia ‘iquanas’    15
La Paranita    12
Lastrancas    11
Milagro    8
Orgullo de Jalisco    18
Oro Azul    10
Partida    13
Patron    11
Pueblo Viejo    6
Pura Sangre     9
Quinta Penas    8
San Matias    6
Sausa Tres Generaciones    9
Sauza Hornitos    7
Tequila de Don Jesus     9
Tenoch    10
Tres Mujeres ‘anfora’    8

Anejo tequilas have been aged up to 2 years with various colors and flavors imparted
by the type of wood used in the casks.

Siete Leguas    11
Don Fulano ‘5 year’    22
Quarto Copas    18
Arette Suave ‘el gran viejo’    22

1800    11
1921 ‘reserva especial’    13
Aha Toro    13
Arette    12
Casa Noble    20
Casa Vieja     11
Casta Pasion    15
Cazadores    9
Chinaco    12
Corazon    12
Corralejo    13
Corzo    14
D’Los Altos    7
Don Abraham    10
Don Camilo    14
DonEduardo    11
Don Julio    13
El Conquistador    11
El Jimador    10
El Llano     11
El Reformador    15
El Tesoro    12
El Tirador ‘fat boy’    21
Gran Centenario    14
HerenciaMexicana    16
Herradura    12
Milagro    9
Oro Azul    12
Partida    14
Patron    13
Penca Azul    21
Pueblo Viejo    8
Pura Sangre     12
Sausa Tres Generacion    10

These tequilas on our menu range from being aged up to 5 years, use specialty casks,
or may be blends of different years of anejos.

AsomBroso (Anejo) ‘5 year French oak cask aged’    35
AsomBroso LaRosa ‘3 month Bordeaux cask aged’    12
AsomBroso LaRosa ‘11 month Bordeaux cask aged’    15
Cuervo ‘la reserva de la familia 2006’ (Anejo)    20
Don Fernando ‘5 year’     20
Don Julio ‘1942’ (Anejo)    22
Don Julio ‘Real’ (Anejo)    55
El Agave Artesianal ‘3 year’                          25
Milagro ‘barrel select’ (Anejo)    20
Paradiso ‘cognac cask aged’    20
Patron ‘platnum’ (Plata)    36
Rey Sol ‘6 year’    44
San Matias ‘gran reserva 3 year’                     15
Stallion ‘4 year’`    15
Tonala ‘4 year sherry cask aged’                  16
Herradura ‘seleccion suprema’ (Anejo)    55

Del Maguey (ma-gay) has brought a collection of Single Village Mezcals from Oaxaca Mexico. Each mezcal is named for the village where it is made and is twice distilled from 100% mature Espadin agave. These are unblended and produced in the original 400 year old, organic handcrafted way.

CHICHICAPA                                    $13
This mezcal is made at an elevation of 7000ft in a broad valley with dessert and tropical microclimates.

SAN LUIS DEL RIO                                $13
This mezcal is made in an arid microclimate at 8000ft in a narrow valley on the Red Ant River.

SANTO DOMINGO ALBARRADAS                        $13
Winner of the Platinum award in the 1999 World Spirits Championship with
the highest amount of points ever awarded for tequilas and mescals.
This one is made in the tropical mountains at 8500ft.

MINERO                                    $13
Minero is made in a clay still with bamboo tubing at 6500ft in an arid, semi-tropical microclimate.

TOBALA ‘2005’                                $21
Made from the rare ‘Tobala’ agave plant this is limited to 400 bottles a year.
This smaller, wild agave grows like truffles in the shade of oak trees in the
hard to reach mountains at 8200ft.

PECHUGA ‘2004’                                $27
Winner of the Platnum award and Spirit of the Year in the 2001 World
Spirits Championship. Pechuga is another mezcal made in a clay still with
bamboo tubing. A third distillation is done; including wild apples, plums,
almonds and a chicken breast.

CREMA DE MEZCAL                                $8
Winner of the Gold Medal in 2002. This mezcal is made with 80% Espadin
agave and 20% Agave ‘honey’, which is the unfermented syrup of the roasted agave.

A special tasting of each Del Maguey single village mezcal is available at Malo for $80

Divino ‘pear in bottle’                                                     $8
Don Amado ‘silver’                                                           $6
Don Amado ‘reposado’                                                   $7
Don Amado ‘anejo’                                                           $8
Beneva                                                                                  $5
El Senor ‘silver’                                                                 $7
Gusano Rojo                                                                       $5
Monte Alban                                                                        $5
Maya Classic ‘reposado’                                              $8
Scorpion ‘anejo 1 year’                                                  $5
Mezcal Del Maestro with Citrus and Honey        $6


MOJITO                                                               $8
Traditional Cuban Drink with Fresh Mint, Lime, Sugar and Rum

QUATRO COPAS COSMOLITO                        $10
Quatro Copas Blanco, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice
and Fresh Lime. Served Up

the IMPALA SS                                                    $10
(the OG lowrider margarita)
Siete Leguas Reposado Tequila, Sweet-n-Sour and Mason Prunier.
Served on the Rocks

MA’FEO                                                                     $11
Herradura Silver Tequila, Sweet-n-Sour and Triple Sec
with a Don Amado Anejo Mezcal Float.

PUESTA DEL SOL                                                  $10
Malo’s Tequila Sunset: Partida Reposado, Amaretto,
Fresh Orange Juice and a Grenadine Horizon. Served up.

CAIPIRINHA                                                          $8
Chunks of Lime Muddled with Sugar and Brazilian Cachaca

MEXICAN SIDECAR                                             $9
Presidente Brandy with a Splash of Fresh Lime.
Served Up with a Sugared Rim.

DAMIANA LIQUEUR                                              $8
Made from the leaves of the damiana plant found in Mexico, this has
been used as an aphrodisiac since the time of the Mayans.

SANGRIA                                                                   $7
Red Sangria made from Red Wine, Orange Liquor, Peach Brandy & Fresh Juices
White Sangria made from Sparkling White Wine, Lemoncello & Fresh Juices

Made with one of Malo’s Favorite Tequilas ‘Oro Azul’ Blanco and Fresh Fruits.

All of our tequilas are 100% Blue Agave and our Sweet & Sour is made fresh daily

Margaritas are $1 extra to the above pricing
Make any margarita an ‘Impala’ for $2 extra
Siete Leguas, Oro Azul and Quatro Copas are the favorite tequilas at Malo and they should be yours too.